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What's on Tap?
not beer


english mild


flagship named after the brewer’s old cat. light colored ale brewed with lactose for a creamy mouth feel and a touch of sweetness.

afternoon joe

coffee ale


wake up! light, refreshing, bready, biscuity coffee beer brewed with creamery coffee from ruby roasters of Nelsonville.

sleepy alligator

house saison


low in bitterness, spicy aroma, slightly dry mouth feel and very refreshing! pilsner, flaked red wheat, and flaked oats malt base.

crazy fingers



brewed with a traditional german yeast strain, this dark weisse bier features a classic aroma and profile, but with a big rye and caramel presence.

hop saison

hopped saison


full-flavored and complex, featuring juicy and spicy aromatics from mosaic and santiam hops and our house saison yeast strain.


honey hefeweizen 


brewed with local honey from bee alchemy of Augusta and keg conditioned for effervescence with kaisersson honey of Eau Claire.

ramblin' rose

honey hefeweisen with raspberry


SEASONAL. brewed with 100# of tart and sweet organic raspberries from a Menomonie producer. Subtly fruity and dry, but not as dry as the cranberry version.

terry porter

robust porter


our darkest beer in the lineup, boasting big chocolate overtones, medium sweetness, and background caramel notes.


brown ale


roasty and biscuity, featuring a bread crust and deep rye bread flavor profile, and less caramel sweetness than typical brown ales.


american pale ale


LIMITED RELEASE. Our newest hop-forward offering is bright & juicy and has Vienna Goldpills and flaked oats for part of the malt bill & western Wisconsin-grown hops for aroma & dry-hopping.

bournt toast!

bourbon barrel brown 4.8%

SMALL BATCH. our flagship brown ale Toast! has aged in a Four Roses Bourbon barrel for the past 3 months, giving our fairly tame & drinkable brown ale a prominent vanilla and toasted oak flavor profile. The bourbon flavors shine through but don't overpower this barrel-aged edition.

festy vest

imperial saison


LIMITED RELEASE. Music fest in a glass! Made with a blend of Saison Parfait & English Dry yeast strains, this aromatic beer is golden & complex with organic orange peel & sweet French basil. Created for sharing with friends on a sunny day with your favorite music humming in the background.


english barleywine 11.2%

LIMITED RELEASE. Another giant beer made by our English Dry yeast strain. You can expect a bit of caramel and malt sweetness & low bitterness to counteract the intense alcohol.

house ginger ale

homemade ginger ale made fresh in house with real pressed ginger root, tropical fruit juices and less sugar than store bought sodas.

CBD Kombucha

Organic Rooibos, and Organic Wisconsin Mint.
Ask your bartender for a kombucha & ginger ale
cocktail, only $4 per pint and super tasty.



fair trade organic coffee

Fresh-ground beans from ethical coffee growers.
Served pour-over style.

*Cold brew available for summer

loose leaf tea

choose your favorite flavor. served in a personal french press.